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The future of automotive

30 April 2020

Businesses around the world experienced an excellent flow in the last couple of years. But now, especially since recent months, the world looks a bit different. Businesses have to deal with sudden circumstances beyond their control. For sure, these circumstances change international dynamics for many. This is the time when the wheat separates from the chaff. Translated to our world, the world of plastics, it means: smaller, not so reliable plastic suppliers will sadly lose out on global markets and customers, while the financially strong and stable ones will be able to keep their businesses right on track. At Rompa Group, together with ITB and Verhoeven as part of the Rompa Group, we are grateful to belong to the latter and be able to keep providing (potential) customers all over the world with their desired plastic products. We are here, not to survive but to thrive!


Exceptional times require trustworthy partners

Exceptional times call for thoughtful strategies and strong, cooperative business partners, also in the world of automotive. When business is challenging - especially during these times, when Covid-19 rules the world - it is of the utmost importance to stick with or move to a trustworthy plastics specialist. Because no matter what, companies will have to continue to operate and look for creative solutions to sell their products. For some markets, for example, the medical industry, it is even essential to continue to function these days.

Building sustainable, real partnerships is very important to us. Leading multinationals, such as Philips, Bosch, Siemens, PerkinElmer and Procter & Gamble, have been essential customers. In the case of Philips, our relationship even goes back to 1935! What does 'real partnership' imply?
•    Tailor-made solutions
•    Creating added value
•    Proactive communication
•    Full commitment
•    Development of a product, based on the latest market developments
•    Global and local presence

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At home in the automotive market

We know our way around in different industries, such as automotive. For several customers, we are an A-rated supplier in manufacturing technical, visual and safety components for the automotive industry; over 200 million products per year! We have all the necessary in-house technology and expertise to translate the complex product requirements of our international customers into top-grade solutions. To start with our expertise in automotive engineering. Add to that knowledge of APQP (a structured method for the design and development process) and PPAP (the output that demonstrates the correctness of the process). And last but not least, years of experience and precision work make us experts in the automotive industry.

Our customers are market leaders, both multinationals and brand owners. They choose our partnership because of our expertise in injection moulding. But besides that, they appreciate our original design manufacturing (ODM), contract manufacturing (CM) and vertical integrated services, which exceeds the expectation of many.


A tot Z services

We can deliver fully-finished products, with or without electronics, custom made for different industries and markets. We provide precisely what is needed, from the drawing board - at our Verhoeven design studio - to delivery. All based on the ideas and wishes of our customers. Within this vertical integrated services process, we follow these steps:
•    Assessing ideas
•    Drawing up design specifications
•    Creating a prototype
•    Mass production
•    Assembly
•    Delivery

Global presence

The business model for many suppliers, to produce in one location and supply their customers from that location, is outdated and the idea of delivering Western-European technology and premium products to (new) markets is too costly. Companies want their products to be produced in the significant continents for the local market; time-to-market, flexible supply chain, lower transportation costs and contribution to CO2 reduction are essential reasons.

Three continents
Our locations in the Netherlands - with a design studio and production site, including a clean room and tool shop, are excellent locations of an outstanding level. We also have production sites across three continents (Europe, Asia and Northern-America), so we are in a high position to provide local-for-local production as much as possible. This advantage leads to increased efficiency, more flexibility and low(er) transportation costs. As a result - and due to global quality standards - our customers can benefit from the same excellent service levels and quality, no matter where they are situated.

The key to success
Our customers can be satisfied that we can operate from any location. We are using any technique. For any market. Even when times are unfavourable. Thanks to our international footprint, we can guarantee production, so the business can continue to keep operating. Key is to listen to the long-term needs of customers. Therefore we prepare our company for international expansion and flexibility. We already have production facilities in The Netherlands, Germany, the Czech Republic, Mexico and China. Still, we remain alert to what is happening or is about to happen in the rest of the world. We also invest in multicultural management teams.


Quality is key

All our production sites are ISO certified, in line with the standards ISO 9001 (quality) and ISO 14001 (environment). Additionally, regarding the automotive industry, we are certified according to IATF 16949. The general policies of ISO include aspects such as quality control, safe conditions and environmental protection. We realize this through preventive measures and continual improvement of our processes, with a focus on manufacturing products that meet both the requirements of our customers and are just as consistent as we promise they will be. All without damaging people and planet. Last but not least, we apply quality methodologies such as APQP, PPAP, AQL and SPC.

The next step

Despite the challenging times we have to deal with, we are as ready as we can be. We are prepared to continue to serve our existing customers, even beyond their expectations. Ready to accept new customers. Ready to develop new products. Ready to grow to new markets. Ready to develop new technologies. Ready to take the next step. Ready for the future.