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The path to a future without disposable plastic

5 June 2019

The European Council will implement measures to reduce the amount of disposable plastic. Although Rompa Group is a plastics manufacturer, we can only applaud this decision. Let’s get rid of disposable plastic altogether and use sustainable plastic instead!

Getting rid of disposable plastic
The measures designed to overcome the mounting problem of plastic waste were accepted on 21 May 2019. One of these measures is that the European Council will strictly monitor the sale of straws, cotton swabs and plastic cutlery. These products, as well as certain types of packaging materials, will be banned from 2021. In general terms, all single-use plastic products will soon be banned.

Sustainable production
In two years’ time, producers will have to pay part of the costs of transporting, processing and collecting plastic waste. With this measure, the European Council not only wants to counteract the pollution of our oceans and natural environment but also stimulate sustainable production and consumption. Although these measures do not impact our business directly, we fully support this initiative.

Plastic and sustainability
Rompa Group is currently exploring the possibilities of recycled plastic. We believe that plastics can make an important contribution to sustainability. This has everything to do with lifecycle thinking!