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Three innovations in the field of personal care

20August 2019

We live in a world in which everything is connected and where technology is changing rapidly. The field of personal care is no exception. Personal hygiene is part of everyone's daily routine. Intelligent tools can make this process easier. We explore three new developments in the personal care market.

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1. Smart toothbrush

Oral-B has already introduced its new connected toothbrush, the Genius X. This new toothbrush is designed to help you improve your brush technique. The AI technology in the toothbrush remembers which parts of your teeth you have already brushed and gives users personal feedback and improvement tips via an app. This teaches users how best to clean their teeth. The toothbrush also improves users’ overall health, because according to Oral-B the mouth is the gateway to one's health. To make this concept a reality, Oral-B collaborated with dental professionals and researchers.

Artificial Intelligence is a concept in which intelligent machines, software and devices - such as Oral-B's toothbrush - independently solve problems. In doing so, they imitate man's own cognitive abilities. However, the devices are not aware of the tasks they perform. They follow instructions via codes and recognise patterns. By learning from their own mistakes, they deliver better results. This is also known as “machine learning.” With this technology, our tasks are simplified and we can become more productive ourselves.

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2. Wirelessly charging your shaver

Philips has developed a number of shavers that can only be charged wirelessly, such as the 9000 prestige series. Wireless charging is both safe and comfortable. It eliminates the need to mess around with cables or batteries. Additionally, wireless charging technology is developing rapidly, which means there will be countless new applications in the near future. Most shavers and other devices that can be charged wirelessly make use of Qi technology.

Rompa was responsible for the entire development - from initial design to final product - of Philips’ Qi charging station. Charging with Qi still requires a power cord, because the base station must be connected to a power outlet. It is therefore not completely wireless. Nevertheless, we call it wireless charging because there is no need to connect a cable to your shaver.

The Qi technology uses copper coils: one in the charger and one in the device. When the two are within close proximity of each other, it creates a magnetic field that transports energy from the charger to the device. The device then converts that energy into electricity, which is used to recharge its battery.


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3. IPL at home: avoid expensive beauty salons

Lumea Prestige is an IPL hair removal device, designed and marketed by Philips. With this powerful device, you can give yourself IPL treatments from the comfort of your own home. You no longer have to go to an expensive beauty salon for smooth and soft legs.

IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) is the latest technology in the field of hair removal. Using flashes of light, hair growth is safely and effectively interrupted. Philips has made this technique, which used to be reserved for professional beauty salons, suitable for safe, comfortable and effective home use. The company spent fourteen years on research, development and extensive testing with the help of 2,000 women. Skin experts and dermatologists were also brought in to assist with the development.

That is not all, however. The Lumea Prestige has everything you could want. Philips has developed a special app for the device that will send you a notification once your legs are ready for their next IPL treatment. This ensures you never forget a treatment and achieve the results you want as quickly as possible.

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We can turn your idea into a practical product as well

Rompa Group is the full-service supplier of various personal care products. We have the right knowledge and expertise to collaborate with you on the development of products that you can then bring to market. Would you like to know more about how we can support your organisation? Please contact Tim Franssen, our personal care specialist, via +31 (6) 1087 9762 or

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