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Hand drying towel tool

Towel tools: the story behind the product

12 February 2019

Rompa Group produces an entire range of hygiene products, including paper towel dispensers, for a major player in the European sanitary sector. The collection also includes a range of more than thirty different towel tools. In this article, we explain why this is such a remarkable project.

Drying your hands after you have been to the toilet is not something you would normally think twice about. Yet did you know that a towel tool consists of more than a hundred different components and that the unrolling and rerolling of the towels is powered by a clever mechanism? That is what makes a towel tool such a complex product.

Afbeelding: Vendor no background

From design to finished product

Luckily, the entire process was in excellent hands with Rompa Group: the development, the production of the plastic components, sourcing of other components like metal parts, assembly and finishing. Our engineering department worked together with Vendor and a design agency to create the design for the towel tools. Due to the large variety of plastic components, the production process required an astonishing 75 moulds, which were all constructed under our close supervision. When it came to sourcing the other components on the bill of materials, we used our network of reliable suppliers that we have built over the years. Then came the challenge of assembling all those different components into a single high-quality product. To further optimise the process, we opened a specialised assembly site in Slovakia in 2016.

Martijn Jansen

What makes these towel tools unique?

The towel tools are durable and will last circa nine years on average, which makes them highly sustainable. The secret lies in our strictly controlled processes. Each component and every subsystem is rigorously tested. A small flaw in a single component can affect the operation of the product as a whole. With our strict quality assurance procedures, we avoid such deviations and ensure that all systems work together optimally.

And the next step…
We are currently exploring the possibilities of a smart towel tool that is connected via LTE or LoRaWAN. The goal is to implement a sensor that automatically sends out an alert when it is time to replace the tool’s supply of towels. With this development, sanitary staff can do their work more efficiently.

Specialist in complete hygiene solutions
Is your organisation active in the hygiene sector? Find out what Rompa Group can do for you by talking to Martijn Jansen, our resident hygiene specialist. You can reach him via or +31 411 661200


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