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8 remarkable trends and developments in the field of plastic technology

19 January 2021

At Rompa Group, we keep a close eye on developments and trends in plastic technology. The plastic industry continues to evolve, forming new insights for the industry each year. This time around, there were some surprising ones. We have listed the 8 most important trends and technical developments for you.

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1. High quality material

A growing awareness of the use of increasingly high-value materials. Think of durable, corrosion- and temperature-resistant materials. In the automotive industry, the use of these materials is popular, for example, to extend the lifetime of parts. By using these materials, costs are reduced without reducing the strength of the parts.

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2. Sustainability and recycling

A theme that will continue and grow in 2021 is sustainability and its impact on the climate. Recycling will continue in 2021 with a focus on achieving the highest possible recyclability. The goal? To reduce emissions and reduce the amount of waste going to dumps. Product development will focus on replacing fossil fuels with biobased raw materials and adding biodegradation and bio plastics.

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3. Software expansion for better automation

Multiple software offers updates and enhancements that improve the design of the plastic part and injection mould, as well as the production process. This improves part accuracy from the start and ensures future savings. Think, for example, of Design for Manufacturing or Design for Assembly.

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4. Injection moulding is on the rise for medical device

There is an expectation that more and more medical products will switch to plastic injection moulding and that more manufacturers will support the medical industry. There is an expectation of a growth rate of 6.5% over the next 10 years.

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5. More re-occupancy

Covid-19 showed many weaknesses in global logistics. This showed how many industries have benefited from the international trade opportunities in recent years. When the pandemic stopped the low-cost options for offshore manufacturing and shipping, more companies started bringing their tools and production back home. Companies that return their production to their own environment will continue to do so.

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6. Technology shifting behavior

Continuing to work in the pandemic made it possible for companies to change habits and add technology. Different software packages make it possible to monitor the work remotely at any time. The technology will be continued in 2021. Also check out the article: IoT in service and maintenance, allowing technology to be used in surprising ways.

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7. Use of PEEK plastic

PEEK is a relatively new type of plastic; it is also known as Polyetheretherketone. PEEK is high performance plastic that meets higher requirements than standard plastics. A compact and sturdy plastic that can be machined very accurately by milling techniques, 3D printing, injection moulding and blow moulding.

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8. 3D printing

3D printing will take over an increasing part of the production market. It has applications in healthcare, defense and construction, among others. The technology is suitable for both mass and small-scale production. A big advantage? No more material is used than necessary, so there is no residual waste! The focus should now be on connecting the materials used to a climate-neutral and circular economy.

Want to know more about these trends?

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