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Afbeelding: Ladonkseweg1
Ladonkseweg 1, Boxtel

We are moving to Boxtel (NL)

6 March 2020

We are finally there! Our Rompa location Tilburg will move to Boxtel on Friday 13 March. Since the acquisition of ITB Group in May 2019, many things have changed within Rompa Group. We have expanded our production locations to Czech Republic (2nd location), Mexico and the Netherlands.
Our location in Boxtel concerns production and office and we work with 100 colleagues to arrange everything as well.  

Currently, we are working on the renovation of the office building. The furniture will be delivered next week and then the time has come to move.

We hope to welcome you soon at our new location:
Ladonkseweg 1
NL-5281 RN Boxtel

2020-01-09 13.43.13
Before the rebuilding
2020-01-13 13.56.58
Moving the old furniture out of the office
2020-01-21 08.59.58
Demolishing the walls
2020-01-27 13.54.03
We are now working on the doors & windows after which we can plaster the walls
2020-02-19 13.38.24
Placing lighting
2020-03-02 14.10.06
cleaning the office before the carpet tile can be placed
2020-03-02 14.05.39
So far..