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What is happening in the world of the Internet of Things?

22 January 2020

The Internet of Things (IoT) facilitates connectivity between devices, systems and machinery. For years, its application has been a hot item. As is usually the case with technology, IoT has been going through quite a few changes in recent years. High time for an update.

Embracing IoT

In 2020, circa 25 billion devices all over the world will be connected to each other. That is what the American research and consultancy firm Gartner predicted several years ago. Since then, this prediction has been tempered somewhat. Why? Because the large-scale use of IoT is still a way off. In 2018, Gartner indicated that it would likely be another five to ten years before we all embrace IoT en masse.

Relatively expensive
The fact that the large-scale adoption of IoT has not happened yet is partly due to the costs involved. At the moment, realising IoT projects is still a relatively expensive affair. This is because there are few ready-to-use hardware solutions available. Most projects require a relatively large amount of hardware that, like the software that is being used, has to be both secure and reliable. Since the scale that would allow for cost benefits has not been reached yet, IoT will remain a very costly solution for the time being.

A learning process
IoT is a relatively new development. That comes with a learning process which the parties involved have to go through first. Unfortunately, this has also resulted in some disappointment, especially among the early adopters of IoT. When rolling out IoT projects, they encounter myriad obstacles that make them give up and leave the planned projects unrealised.

Ups and downs
Every major project has its ups and downs, and IoT projects are no exception. It is therefore important that there is enough urgency within an organisation to deal with any obstacles along the way and make the IoT solution a success. Despite the potential obstacles, there are many successful IoT cases. IoT offers interesting possibilities and can be used for a wide range of scenarios. Think, for example, of smart office environments and connected solutions with regard to fleet management and preventative maintenance.

The added value of a partner
There is a lot involved in setting up an IoT project. Besides making sure the result is secure and reliable, you also want to realise a product without exceeding the available time frame or budget. Furthermore, you want to be properly informed beforehand in order to avoid any surprises during the realisation of a product. A good partner can help you out during this process and take certain key aspects out of your hands. Rompa has extensive expertise and experience with IoT applications in a product. A great example of this is the Gillette Razor stand.