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Rompa Group - Whitepaper - Why this is the perfect time to produce in China

Whitepaper: Why this is the perfect time to produce in China

31 October 2018

Why should you have your products manufactured in China? Isn’t “Made in China” always the hallmark of a low-quality product? No, nothing could be further from the truth! China’s Greater Bay Area, which is also home to Rompa Group’s production site, is the place to be these days. The Chinese are technological leaders, have an admirable work ethic and produce top-of-the-line high-tech products. Read all about it in our latest whitepaper: 'Why this is the perfect time to produce in China'.

Producing in the Greater Bay Area

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Rompa Group has been working hard for years to bring the Far East and the West closer together

Along the way, we learned some valuable lessons that we would love to share with you. For all those organisations and businesses who are considering outsourcing their production to China, we wrote a whitepaper that contains a ton of practical tips about respect and ‘guanxi’.

It also tells the remarkable story of the Dutchman Machiel van Reenen, who left for the Greater Bay Area on a whim and built a new life and career for himself there. He will explain why this is his best decision ever’, the language barrier and the cultural differences.

Machiel van Reenen at Rompa Shunxing
Machiel van Reenen at Rompa Shunxing
 Cai Dewei (Mayor - Jiangmen, China) and Patrick Gerard (CEO - Rompa Group)
Cai Dewei (Mayor - Jiangmen) and Patrick Gerard (CEO - Rompa Group)
The Greater Bay Area compared to other Bay Area's
Lastly, it presents 9 excellent reasons to produce in China

1. The Chinese excel at smart engineering

Anyone thinking of having their products produced in the Greater Bay Area should not do so just because labour is cheaper there: the Chinese excel at smart engineering.

2. Extensive supply chain makes it easy to scale up quickly

“Whenever you need machinery, resources, components, jigs, more people, or knowledge about the latest production techniques, you can find all that and more practically around the corner,” says Jesse Plasman.

3. A thriving local sales market

The Greater Bay Area is the perfect strategic location for local-for-local production, as it is situated close to Japan, India, and South Korea. However, the biggest opportunities can be found in China itself.

4. .... Read more in the whitepaper.

Whitepaper - Producing in the Greater Bay Area | Rompa Group
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Useful advice and good reasons to produce in China:

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