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We have all been there: at the start of the week, one of your colleagues has a cold. A few days later, half of the department is sniffing and sneezing. Offices are the perfect environment for bacteria to spread, for example via door handles and toilet seats. Your keyboard is another major culprit. British researchers had already discovered that the average keyboard contains four hundred times more bacteria than a toilet seat. That finding is now backed by a study conducted by Kimberly-Clark Professional. Employees of Kimberly-Clark Professional * have collected nearly 5,000 individual samples in different offices where a total of 3,000 employees resided. The study was conducted in collaboration with Dr. ir. Charles Gerba, professor of microbiology at the University of Arizona (USA)

Personal hygiene

By practising good personal hygiene, you can prevent the spreading of parasites, viruses and bacteria. As a precaution, it is also important that toilets and workspaces are cleaned regularly.

The golden tip: wash your hands

Your hands are a major source for the transfer of bacteria to others and yourself. That is why it is so important to wash your hands properly. The market has made clever use of that. The growing use of hygiene products is improving the quality of life for people all over the world. Companies are investing heavily in the development of innovative products that optimally improve hygiene, such as automatic soap dispensers and towel dispensers that are equipped with a sensor. That means you no longer have to touch the device with your hands.

The complexity of a towel dispenser

The rising popularity of these inventive hygiene products might not seem so unusual at first glance. However, did you know that e.g. a towel dispenser consists of more than one hundred components and that the unrolling and folding of the towels are done using a clever mechanism? That makes this an exceptionally complex product. Rompa can assist you with the development and production of your entire range of hygiene products.