8 reasons why we can't live without plastic (benefits)


| 16-07-2022
Leestijd: 4 min.
Plastic material plays an important role in the world’s waste problem, which grows worse by the day. To curb the environmental harm caused by plastic, it is important that everyone thinks along about how to reduce the volume of waste we produce together. That means Rompa Group has to accept its responsibility as well. In today’s society, life without plastic is virtually unthinkable. Plastic has many advantages.

Discovering our outstanding service levels

We use the initial idea assessment stage to establish so-called design specifications.

Without plastic..

.. driving would no longer be safe because replacing the plastic parts with other materials makes driving a risk. Think of a windshield wiper made of wood, it would be warped in no time so that the rain on your window cannot be removed.

.. important techniques in the medical world, such as the production of spectacles, various medical implants and other devices that keep us alive, could not be developed.

.. we cannot protect ourselves against heat and cold, because safety clothing could not exist .. your soft drink that is packed in an aluminium can remain drinkable for 3 days from the moment of production. He will never make it to the supermarket.

.. our choice of clothing is limited. It is no longer possible to wear a fleece sweater, nylon dresses, polyester socks and acrylic sweaters

.. our food will be packaged in paper packaging, causing our food to spoil faster

.. our shampoo, shower gel, day cream, shaving gel and mascara are supplied in glass packaging. Can you imagine what kind of problems this will cause if you drop it in the shower

.. paper cups can no longer exist because they contain a thin layer of plastic. How else do you think the coffee can stay in the cup?

.. it becomes difficult to drink tea because tea bags are made heat-resistant with polyethene.




“Het product voldoet aan de eisen van de moderne tijd, is toepasbaar in alle marktsectoren, en is verkrijgbaar met en zonder automatisch transport van de handdoek.”

Distributiestation voor glasvezelkabels

“De verscheidenheid aan componenten die gemaakt moeten worden in combinatie met de verwerving van een grote hoeveelheid onderdelen en een meervoudig assemblageproces, zorgt voor een complexe uitdaging.”

Keeping children safe on the road

“The collaboration with Britax Römer has greatly intensified in a short period of time, partly due to the custom solutions that Rompa Group offers.”

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