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Do you want to put a fully-finished plastic product with or without electronics on the market, and have it developed specifically for you? Rompa can deliver exactly what you need, from start to finish. Based on your idea we can collaborate on the realisation of a tangible finished product with inbuilt electronic components within six steps – from drawing board to delivery.

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Assessing the ideas

Our design and production development department – supported by the commercial and the technical team – will assess your specific requirements, wishes, questions and any worries you may have.

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Step 1

Drawing up design specifications

The assessment created at step 1 is used in drawing up full engineering and electronics specs. This should result in a detailed description of the requirements the product must meet, for instance with regard to design, electronics, applications and legal and environmental requirements.

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Step 2

Creating a prototype

Based on the design, we develop a prototype. Among other things, this step centres on creating a mould design, testing and evaluating it and adjusting it where necessary. We do this using Moldflow, FEM simulations and other advanced tools. With our experience and knowhow in the field of design and simulations, we tend to require only a small amount of try-outs. And of course we aim to get it right the first time! Nevertheless, prototyping is essential preparation for step 4.

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Step 3

Mass production

After the prototype has been approved, we can start batch production. This can be done on just about any continent, and is always supported by a very experienced project team of engineers and operators. The team is responsible for maintaining the means of production and supervises the production process in order to safeguard the required quality standards. At this stage, we also manufacture the electronic components and add decorations.

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Step 4


After all the plastic components have been produced, we assemble them where required (including any metal and/or electronic components) into semi-finished or even fully-finished and packaged products. This means we can take over the entire supply chain if desired.

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step 5


We have years of experience arranging international deliveries and transportation. You can be certain that products make it to your requested location according to your requirements, whether that is at your office or at the point of sale. We also provide logistics solutions, for which we make use of systems like Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) and Consignment Stock.

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step 6

Interested to find out more about our unlimited possibilities?

Approach us for a world-class end-to-end solution, or come to us for specialist advice on a single part of a process – like injection moulding, electronical engineering or assembly. We have the creative open minds to help you with your problem and are knowledgeable on a wide array of subjects.

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