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Step 2: From assessment to design

We use the initial idea assessment stage to establish so-called design specifications. The aim is to formulate a detailed description of the requirements the product should meet. Think of design, appearance, application, design of PBCAs and legal and environmental requirements. For this, we make use of several CAD packages, including Cimatron, Solidworks, Siemens NX and Creo.


Tailored advice

Based on the design specifications and the action plan, we will provide you with the right advice, tailored to all of the requirements. As part of this advice we may suggest to have our electronic engineers take on the product design and PBCA design for you. This department is always able to provide appropriate innovative solutions. Rompa Group has over 130 years of experience, which is what distinguishes it from other plastic and electronics manufacturers.

Project team

Each product requires a different specialist approach. We therefore assign a team of specialists to each project. This dedicated project team is supported and monitored by an account manager and a project manager.

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