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Injection molding

Injection molding of top-grade plastic components

Plastic injection molding is truly one of our specialities. But there's more. At Rompa, we are actively involved and share our ideas on product design and logistics, for instance. From the idea all the way to the finishing touch and product assembly, and from incorporating electronic components to packaging and distribution solutions: when we say 'full service', we really do mean 'full service'!

A wealth of experience with all sorts of thermoplastics and engineering plastics

When it comes to plastics, we tend to know our way around. Whether it's thermoplastics like PET, ABS, polyethene, PC, polystyrene and polypropene, or engineering plastics like Ultem, PSU, PPU and PEI. Through our years of experience in the industry and our innovative solutions, we have established a reputation that makes leading companies in the automotive industry, consumer electronics, healthcare industry and industrial applications put their faith in us time and again where injection moulding of top-grade plastic components is concerned.

Bosch - Windscreen wipers
Tyco - Rompa Group
Avery Dennison - Tagging pistol
Freebox - Rompa Group

Why Rompa is your go-to partner for plastic injection moulding

Leading companies in the automotive, consumer electronics and industrial applications markets choose
our plastic injection molding expertise for:

  • Exceptional quality, with the relevant ISO certification to back it up
  • Speedy service at an on-time delivery rate of over 99%
  • The ability to contribute creatively, even starting from the very conception of your idea
  • Our global footprint, and competitive prices due to production sites in the Czech Republic, Asia, USA and Mexico
  • 100% dedication, available 24/7
  • Finished products, including electronic components, assembly, decoration and delivery solutions
Injection mouding
Injection mouding
One of three production halls Rompa CZ
One of three production halls Rompa CZ

Our plastic injection moulding technology and production facilities

We can provide a wide range of injection moulding solutions. We are no stranger to thin-walled injection moulding, high-precision injection moulding, 2K injection moulding, overmoulding and in-mould labelling. Rompa has several large production facilities at its disposal, and possesses injection moulding machines with closing forces of 25 up to 4800 tonnes. In addition, our cleanroom allows us to manufacture products for the healthcare industry and we have an ESD room for assembly.

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Injection molding
Injection molding
Clean room injection moulding
Clean room injection moulding