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Metal Injection Moulding (MIM)

Discover the benefits of metal injection moulding

Metal injection moulding (MIM) allows for the cost-effective production of highly complex metal products in large quantities. MIM is even more economical than the casting or machining of metal products. These cost savings are due to the reduction in post-processing and finishing required. In terms of technique metal injection moulding is similar to injection moulding and allows you to profit from the same benefits, such as freedom of form and suitability for the production of medium and large runs, coupled with the added advantages provided by the properties of metal!

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Metal injection moulding machine (MIM)

Benefits of metal injection moulding

•    Optimum freedom of form, which enables the production of complex designs
•    Highly suitable for large production runs (from 5,000 units per year)
•    High degree of precision
•    Clean and sustainable, no material loss or waste
•    Efficient production
•    Selection of 20 alloy types
•    Post-processing possible

The metal injection moulding process

Metal injection moulding consists of two steps. The first step is the injection moulding, for which we use metal granulate (feedstock) made from metal powder and synthetic binding material. Following this injection moulding process, the products are placed in an oven, where they undergo a thermal-chemical process. During this step, the synthetic binding material is removed and the metal powder fuses to form a fully metal product.


When is MIM the best solution?

When looking to manufacture high-quality metal products, MIM is for you. Especially when you need to produce highly complicated products in high quantities. Metal injection moulding is frequently applied in the medical and automotive industries. You’ll find MIM products in car engines, locking devices, medical equipment, machines, electronics, household appliances and home and garden equipment.

More information?

Looking for advice about your MIM ambitions? Are you interested in the benefits compared to casting or machining? We look forward to telling you more!

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