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Thermoplast products
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We mainly use thermoforming for manufacturing packaging, such as blisters, inlays, packaging boxes and (returnable) transport trays. Thermoforming is a technique that requires extreme precision and expertise. And that's been in Rompa Group's genes for more than 55 years, as demonstrated by our:

  • full service; from design to production
  • expertise at combining plastic with cardboard
  • expertise and experience at combining thermoforming with injection-molding
  • possibilities for thermoforming on three continents; Europe, Asia and North America (the US and Mexico)
  • capacity to make various types of thermoplast products, such as presentation, show and user packaging
Philips - Blister
Transport tray Aquila
TomTom - Packaging material
Inlay digital decoder

Thermoplast production techniques

At Rompa Group we make packaging products from:

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  • PET, polystyrene, ABS, polycarbonate, PVC and other materials
  • reusable materials on the basis of corn or castor oil (PLA)
  • foamed materials
  • paper forming
  • flock materials
  • pre-printed thermoforming
  • sheet foil stamping
Did you know that...

...we at Rompa Group can directly package the injection moulding products we make in a handy transport tray for your client? And that we, of course, thermoform those transport trays in-house? Your products protected against damage, thorougly and efficiently!


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